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Stockard Fans!


Hey everybody! I appologize greatly for my lack of updates, I have arrived at college and have been crazily busy! A new email where you can reach me (as well as the one) is!! So i hope to find some new info, but it has been hard to change any of the site since all my Stockard pictures and stuff are on my old computer at home! Bear with me, because hopefully this site will become much better very soon! <3 katie
Hi all! I have a few new pictures from Stockard's latest work that I will put up on the site as soon as I can scan them! But in the meantime, I hope all of you saw "Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister" and "The Matthew Shepard Story" - both staring Ms. Channing herself. Also- Stockard was nominated for a SAG award, but lost to costar Allison Janney (which is ok because i LOVE her as well and she gave a special thank you to Stockard in her acceptance speech that almost made me cry!!!) - but Stockard will most certainly be nominated (*and will win) next year, because she has been in the show so much more! I saw an episode the other week, of "The West Wing", that was excellent. It was the first lady's birthday, and it was such a funny, yet moving, episode. Stockard and Martin Sheen are so good together!
Well anyway...I will try to update soon! Cya
Hi everyone! I am just writing to let you all know that I updated and added some of the pictures on the site, so be sure to look around and sign my guestbook with any comments or suggestions!!). I hope everyone saw Ms. Channing on "Inside the Actor's Studio"! If not, be sure to look for reruns because she was absolutely fabulous. She seems like such a funny down to earth woman, I really would love to meet her someday! Keep me posted with any news! <3 Kate

Hey! Goodness I love Stockard- I am VERY VERY upset, however, because I didn't get to see "The Business of Stranger" when it was in theaters near me-- I am soo bummed! But I bought issues of "premiere" and "people" magazine because they had articles about Stockard in them!! The one in "premiere" is adorable!!!And I think I am going to try to write to her (AGAIN!) via The West Wing! OH! And I encourage anyone to email me at any time- I love hearing from you guys! And check out the business of strangers part of my site - I got new pictures! <3 Katie

Hello All! I am very very excited because I have been getting some really great guestbook messages! Thankyou to everyone who signs it! Recently I got a message from IFC, the makers of Stockard's newest movie, "The Business of Strangers", which comes out December 7th! I will be putting the link to the movie's site and some stills from the movie on my site ASAP! Keep writing everyone, and if you want to email me at anytime, my address is:

Hey! I updated a little today so check out the new pictures!! Keep me posted as to how I am doing!! <3 kate

Hi all!! :) My name is Katie and i am 17 years old and a HUGE fan of Stockard Channing!! Her acting really amazes me! I have to admit the first time i saw her was in "Grease"(hey was she the best character or what?!?!) but i really began to appreciate her after i saw "Six Degrees of Separation". Now my goal is to see every movie she has been in, and i am well on my way! So please come on in, make yourself comfortable and enjoy browsing my site. Stay tuned for updates, i am far from finished with this site!!

EXCITING NEWS!! I have added the "The Business of Stangers" page to my site!! Scroll down the page till you see the listings of the other sections of my site, and the click on the first one (that says "Business of Strangers"). Let me know what you think, and don't worry, there is more to come soon!!!



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